Ms Frances

Ms. Frances with senior half-day students

There are incidents in the passage of one’s life that are extraordinary. There have been many happy occasions in the course of my life and Pro Arte’s Special Tribute will be with those at the very top. Thank you for your kind words so well delivered by a very special Pro Arte dancer. Those words will be in my memory always. Thank you to the Patrons of Pro Arte for the thoughtful and lovely reception given in my honour. All of this special evening waas so tastefully done and I thank you. Pro Arte is a happy and positive community; I consider it a unique privilege to be a part of this vibrant fellowship.


At Gala 2014, Ms. Frances was given special tribute for her enormous and priceless contribution, never ending energy and spirit to the Pro Arte community.  She has single-handedly been responsible for over half the costumes in Pro Arte’s vast stock.  Ms. Frances is the first person to greet anyone when they enter the Studio with a huge smile and kind words and is always there to offer safe and wise advise, give comfort, a shoulder to cry on and a true nurturer to us all.  We are so truly blessed and so grateful.