IMG_3577The past year had been an exciting and rewarding experience for those who have produced the many costumes needed for our choreographers and dancers. We have joined the many that have produced detailed and elaborate attire for famous productions through the expanse of centuries. Costume artists like Diane, Sylvia, Sonja, Mandy and others have used their talent and spent hours of work to create the correct costume for each “dance story”. What a privilege and unique way to encourage and support our future generation!

The designing, sewing and production of costumes are only one part of the task of costuming. The costumes have to be laundered after each production so that they can be used again. In addition to this, they have to be sorted by type, style and size and counted so that none are lost and then, finally, filed away. Added to this, there are hundreds of them. This part of costuming would be overwhelming for most of us. It is only with the organizational skills of Sonja and Jill and their team of volunteers that this can be done with such grace. Thank you to all of our costume team who have helped make it possible for Pro Arte dancers to experience special moments on stage.