Schol. Show. posterPro Arte Dancers Kay Budworth, Sophie Higgins, Nya-Manet Santiago, Ashley Klockow and Sophie Leonie-Schultz were all honoured to received scholarships at the VBS Spring Seminar last March. This Friday they perform at the Vancouver Ballet Society scholarship fundraiser showcase.

The Vancouver Ballet Society is a unique, non-profit and non-partisan  organization that was founded in 1946. This group of dedicated dance lovers have a   primary goal of finding the means to continue and increase their scholarship fund so that young, talented British Columbians can be encouraged to continue their studies in what is an increasingly costly discipline, thus insuring that B.C. will continue to enjoy the sight of home-grown dancers on our own and international  stages.(

When: Fri 3rd October 6pm

Where: Scotia Dance  Centre

Call 604.681.1525 to reserve your tickets.