The New Wave of Dance Education

You’ve heard the news — something different and creative is coming together in the Pro Arté community and is drawing faculty and students from all over. Interested in knowing more about the exciting happenings at Pro Arté? Here are just some of the exciting changes in our programs AND our faculty team!

Programs now include:

  • the Protégé Program (selective training program for serious dancers)
  • the Industry Program (training that equips students for work in the commercial dance industry)
  • the Performance Program (community performance opportunities for streamed programs)
  • Competitive/Festival Programs (for students who love to perform)
  • Voice (with the incredible Dr. Gina Oh Studios)
  • Preschool Programs (for those just starting out)
  • General Programs (for students who want to learn and have fun!).

These programs are supported by AMAZING faculty — a team of professionals who are passionate about dance education and performance and committed to investing in students! They include:

  • Beverley Bagg
  • Jocelyn Wozencroft
  • Roxane McConnachie
  • Dr. Gina Oh
  • Racheal Prince
  • Amber Barton
  • Heather Laura Grey
  • Sophia Curalli
  • Danielle Gardner
  • Carrie Coulter
  • Dawn Kozol
  • Alex Christian
  • Montana Moore
  • Rosie Lewis
  • Jaden Turner

Our class schedule is available for download :

The Pro Arté Centre partner list continues to grow and includes:

  • Pro Merita Learning Centre (Grades 4-12)
  • De Danaan School of Irish Dance
  • Foundation Fitness
  • Jodi Boates Athletics
  • Allegro Performance and Wellness
  • Community groups for Zumba training, Kangoo classes, Korean Drumming, adult dance classes

If you are interested in learning more about how you can be a part of the new wave of dance education and join the Pro Arté Community — we want to hear from you! Contact us at: