Pro Arté Centre is pleased to welcome The Yoga Root to its community.  The Yoga Root is a small, award-winning community yoga studio that has been located in North Vancouver, BC  for a number of years.  With a great team to help you develop your yoga practice, The Yoga Root’s dedicated teachers are passionate about what they’re teaching providing a more enriching experience for you.

Now operating out of Pro Arté’s Wellness Boutique, all are welcome to come to experience a relaxed, non-pretentious environment free from judgements and comparisons. If the fast pace of fitness yoga isn’t for you, they invite you to see another side of yoga! Slower, mindful yoga provides benefits for body, mind and spirit – improving your physical fitness, easing tensions and anxiety, and helping you develop greater resilience to whatever life throws at you. You don’t need to be strong or limber to begin a yoga practice – strength and flexibility will come with time.

If you breathe you can do yoga!


“I simply LOVE this studio and the instructors!! I started with the 6 week yoga challenge to get myself back into a routine and just fell in love with the practice and meditations. I highly recommend this studio for beginners and experienced yogis!! … it is a nice relaxing vibe.  The owner Artemis is a very supportive and caring woman who is always interested in feedback and making her studio the best it can be!!!” — Michelle Joly

“I look forward to every class I attend and just love the friendliness of the people there as well as the great atmosphere … I highly recommend The Yoga Root! You won’t be disappointed!” — Bernice Heimann

“This is certainly not a ‘show off how flexible you are’ studio. Genuinely kind people … I can feel good about making the time for myself … You most definitely won’t regret it.”  — Kendall Gustavson


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