De Danaan School of Irish Dance

Pro Arte is pleased to introduce one of our Centre partners: The De Danaan School of Irish Dance. De Danaan is a strong, supportive, and safe community that is united by a passion for Irish dancing, music, and culture. They believe that Irish dancing is for all ages and stages and have the main goal of passing on the passion for Irish dance, music, and culture while inspiring today’s children, youth, and young adults to become “the absolute best they can be” in life.

De Danaan instructors, like Pro Arte mentors, help students develop their talents to their highest level while continuously helping them improve their confidence, physical strength, endurance, flexibility, and performance in a disciplined class environment. Our shared goal is to empower students to dream big, to grow, and to envision themselves being way beyond where they are today!

Find out more at the De Danaan Website.