Pro Arte is proud to congratulate 2022 Graduate, Sonoma Brawley. This amazing young woman is off to university this Fall (she has multiple offers!).

There is a saying in musical theatre, that if you can imagine yourself doing anything else…you should. However, as a triple-threat (dancer/singer/actor), performance is Sonoma’s life and she is driven to develop her talent to create, inspire, and entertain.

Sonoma began training at Pro Arte in Grade 10, and commutes from Squamish three days/ week. “I am grateful to my teachers at Pro Arte for their guidance and encouragement. Thanks to them, I was able to shine in my university dance auditions and gain entrance into the most competitive musical theatre programs in the country.”

Performance lights Sonoma up. She is drawn to musical theatre because of its collaborative nature, and the platform it provides to express herself with everything she has – her voice, movement, emotion, and intellect. Musical theatre is an accessible art form with unlimited potential to tell new stories that reflect the experiences of our audience and contribute to a sense of belonging for all. Sonoma sees herself as part of that journey.

Sonoma feels a calling to enrich our culture through her art, contribute to Canada’s sense of unity, and move her audience to the edge of their seats. She is influenced by artists like Audrey Hepburn whose career was never her primary purpose. Miss Hepburn applied self-discipline learned at the ballet barre to humanitarian efforts throughout her lifetime. As Audrey once said, “It’s that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first and you come second…Others matter more than you do, so don’t fuss, dear; get on with it.”

We are proud of you, Sonoma – and look forward to a bright future and know that you will share your light with all with whom you come in contact!