Sovereign X Pro Arté – An Apprentice Program

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Sovereign and Pro Arté have come together to offer a unique commercial hip hop training experience for dancers eager to embrace a learning experience led by working professionals, within an environment committed to excellence and inclusivity in dance training. This apprentice program offers training in various aspects of artistry, such as quality of movement, choreography creation and retention, and more.


Who is Sovereign?

Sovereign was founded in 2016 by Kenneth Bulao. Originally an all-male crew, Sovereign took flight after collaborating with Lululemon in their “This is Yoga” campaign with Vice magazine.  Since that time, the crew committed to collaborating with other local artists and entrepreneurs, such as Frontrunners, Vanswim, Sans Parole, Drink Wize, Property Dirty, and Seek Discomfort.  Sovereign has also evolved and expanded in numbers to become an all-inclusive crew – celebrating the uniqueness that is each individual artist.

Sovereign is an independent crew that strives for solidarity and builds one another so that they might reach their highest potential. With this foundation, Sovereign is able to train, grow, create showcases/productions, and work in different fields within the arts community and commercial industry.

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Kenneth Paradilla

Kenneth started dancing at the age of 16 and soon realized his passion for dance would evolve into a rewarding career.  After arriving in Canada form the Philippines, Kenneth began training in choreography under @alogaledo at District A and @ervinntangco in Unity.  It wasn’t until after this training that Kenneth took a stride into a leadership role and founded Sovereign.  Being the Director for over 3 years has taught him so much and has taken him to places he could only imagine.  For instance, it’s given him the opportunity to teach international to students in Ontario, Hawaii, Russia, France, Switzerland and Costa Rica.  Kenneth has worked with Lululemon, Vice Magazine and was featured in “This is Yoga” campaign.  Kenneth currently resides in Vancouver teaching, training and working as an independent artist.  Kenneth’s dance style focuses on the intention of movement and varying energy within the move by playing with instrumentals and lyricism.

Shayla Kristine

Shayla has been dancing since they could move, and at 5 years of age started training in ballet. As she got older, she trained and competed in various styles, such as jazz, musical theatre, and contemporary. When they were 15, they found their true passion: the world of heels! Shayla then joined a professional performance company, the StilettoEttes, directed by Chantal Hunt, where she focused on heels technique and performance quality. At the age of 21, they dove into the hip hop world by joining Kill The Lights Co, directed by Ken Yung and Shauna Smith, where they were able to explore different styles and a more commercial approach to dance. The following year, she was given the incredible opportunity to join the cast of the Vancouver based Cabaret, The Smoke Show, under the direction of Jen Oleksiuk. This job really allowed Shayla to grow and challenge herself, performing at Basscoast music and art festival, and having a sold out 7 show run! Currently, you can find Shayla training, performing, and creating projects with Sovereign, as well as managing and choreographing for the queer based, not for profit performance company, SNAP Canada.  Shayla has completed training around the world, having done industry intensives in areas such as Los Angeles and London, England. Her training includes workshops and intensives by Galen Hooks, Shirlene Quiggly, Bobby Newberry, and various other successful industry professionals.   Shayla has taken her vast wealth of knowledge and has found a true passion in teaching. They hope to combine their energetic personality with their desire to help others be their best selves, to bring you a training experience you will find great value in. ”

Program Schedule

Members of Sovereign Crew will be working with the Apprentice Members of the Program to develop technique in a wide range of Hip Hop Stylings.  Also covered will be free styling techniques to provide a full experience.

With opportunities for performances and competitions (Sovereign has completed and won in International competitions), program participants will learn choreography that will be presented at various local events.

Program Tuition

Program Tuition:                         $1,130 (pro-rated for late starts)

Annual Registration Fee:            $40.00

This Apprentice program is by audition or invitation.  Apprentices must be  present at all classes and rehearsals unless prior notice is provided.  In addition, festival/competition and costume fees are assessed as appropriate throughout the year.  Registration is for the year but to ease family cash flow, there is a monthly payment plan program which extends the payments to July 1st.
All Fees are inclusive of GST. An annual registration fee of $40 for each student registration is also required. Payment can be made by cheque, credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or by etransfer to

In order to make dance training financially accessible to all, there are a number of payment options and discounts available.

Payment for classes can be made in the following ways:

  • Cheque: A first-month deposit is due at the date of registration ($130) and subsequent cheques of $130 are due on the first of each month to June, 2024.  All NSF cheques are subject to a $35.00 administration charge.
  • Credit Card: A deposit is due at date of registration ($130) with all declined credit cards subject to $5 administration charge. This charge will be added automatically to your next payment which will be processed 7 days after the decline of the initial transaction.

Late Registration: Late registrations are pro-rated according to calendar start


Classes Missed/Cancelled: Classes missed by students are non-refundable and cannot be made-up. Classes cancelled by Sovereign/Pro Arté may be made up in a comparable class on arrangement with the Office.

Withdrawals/Refunds: Withdrawal from a class prior to April 1st for a subsequent refund requires four class weeks’ written notice or a doctor’s note. No refunds on festival fees, registration fees or costume fees. No refunds will be issued after April 1st without a doctor’s written note.

Late Payments: Payments for dance classes are due on the first of each month. Tuition is Late after the 15th Day of each Month. A $10.00 late fee will be applied to your monthly payment.  Interest at 8% annual may be applied to accounts that are overdue in excess of 60 days.

Available Discounts:

Full Payment Option: Full payment of tuition in advance at the point of registration will result in a 1% pre-payment discount when fees are paid by cheque or eTransfer. This discount will be retracted if a refund is required mid-year as it applies only for a full annual term.

Dress Code

There isn’t a strict dress code, however indoor, non-marking shoes and comfortable clothing are required. This could be leggings or sweatpants with a tank top or t-shirt.