Pro Merita Learning Centre offers a comprehensive academic program for high performance students. Using blended learning, students are offered the flexibility for training, travel and individualization for their education. With over a decade of experience in meeting the needs of these extraordinary students in arts and sports, we are eager to offer our expertise to families who have students who are looking to excel.

What Do We Offer?


An Award-Winning Educational Partner:


Navigate is one of the leading providers of blended distributed and is one the fastest growing academic providers in Canada and internationally. Recognized for outstanding contributions to Education by the Ministry of Education in BC and by the Government of Canada, Pro Merita is a holistic learning experience that works for each student and family.

Individualized Programs:


In a classroom with a BC-Certified Teacher and classmates, students can accelerate their learning experience and obtain individual teaching instruction in specific areas requiring special attention.

Flexible Timetable:


Pro Merita accommodates the need for afternoon training or for absences from the classroom for competitions purposes. Teachers work with students to lighten the pressure during these times.

A Robust High School Transcript:


Pro Merita provides a full academic program for entry into university as well as transcript recognition for the students’ extracurricular activities through External Credits and Independent Studies. We compile both in classroom and extracurricular activities into your transcript!

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