Pro Artistico Programs

Executive Director’s Message

I remember the first moment that I saw my daughter on stage … the joy in her face, her excitement and her passion to dance was displayed for all to see.  It was at that moment that I knew that I wanted this to be an experience that was shared with other young artists.  Whether they are destined to be a professional dancer or whether they want to fully explore the wonderful world of performing arts, the time spent in an encouraging and support environment that inspires creativity, develops strength and tenacity and fosters confidence and poise is time well spent.
The Pro Artistico Program is one that is personalized to each individual.  Our team of mentors works with each individual dancer to create the optimal environment to excel and to be happy.  Our mentorship approach is to build trust and an authentic relationship to that we might support our students so that each one is technically and mentally prepared for what ever might come their way.   More importantly, we commit to invest in each student as whole people — child, student, dancer — so that he/she can develop as an artist and as an individual, growing and learning through the program’s training and activities.
We would be honoured to be a part of your dancer’s journey. Let us help you achieve your dream to dance!

-Sarah Ahmadi


Our Program

The Pro Artistico team of mentors understands that it is in working together with the encouragement of family that dancers are given the emotional support needed to be successful in their training endeavours. We also understand that the priorities set by families must be echoed in the training program selected. To this end, we have set up a distinctive program to fit with the needs of each family. We work with each dancer to create the optimal training experience. As the Centre has both a gym as well as a Wellness Studio, the Pro Artistico program also incorporates cross-training and wellness activities to create a holistic training environment that prepares dancers both physically and mentally while mitigating the risk of injury. Also, included in the weekday time is solo ballet variations as well as group choreography preparation for local and international festivals and performances. Groups prepared can include classical ballet, neo-classical ballet, contemporary, modern, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre and tap. Dancers can perform stylings based on individual interests as well as optional solos in all genre of dance styles are available.


Dress Code

The dress code for ballet class changes based on the different levels, however the uniform is a Pro Arté leotard and tights with ballet shoes. Our more senior dancers who are invited to take pointe classes will also be required to purchase pointe shoes. Male dancers are required to wear a white fitted t-shirt or leotard with navy shorts, or navy tights. We require hair to be off the face in a classical bun for all dance classes.
Our dancers are required to wear a Pro Arté leotard and black tights or shorts with bare feet. Our male contemporary dancers are required to wear a white t-shirt with black pants or shorts with bare feet. Hair for this class is required to be off the face and up in a classical bun or pony tail.

Why chose Pro Arté?

  • Our studio prides ourselves on our core values and passion of dance.
  • A warm welcoming environment!
  • We focus on strong holistic well rounded dance training for all ages!
  • Onsite dancer wellness team!

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