Dance is an essential part of our cultural identity. Every April 29th, we celebrate the benefits of dance on International Dance Day.  Started in 1982, International Dance Day celebrates the birthday of Georges Noverre (1727-1810), the creator of “modern” ballet. Named the Shakespeare of dance, we celebrate his legacy and contribution to society and culture through dance.

Here at Pro Arté, we believe in nurturing our students with the knowledge and information necessary to succeed in the dance world.  Like Georges Noverre, we focus on training students with artistry and a solid technical base.  Georges Noverre believed “ballet should be taught with the utmost sensitivity to an individual’s anatomy” and that each body could be molded to be a dancer.  To continue his tradition, Pro Arté has a group of dedicated teachers prepared to work with each individual to help guide them on a professional path.

This summer, we offer students the chance to train in a wide variety of dance styles in our summer program, Pro Artistico.  We offer Ballet, Muller Technique, Cunningham, Flying Low, Graham, Horton, West African, Caribbean Rhythms, and Broadway Jazz, to name a few.  With our program Pro Artistico, dancers will get the chance to work with our three faculty coaches, Miguel Nguyen, Constanza Aguirre Hayes and Alisha Ahmadi as well as others.   Each coach has professional experience working in the dance community and is prepared to work with each student in learning the fundamental techniques of Ballet, Contemporary, and Jazz.

We are excited to share our knowledge and information on dance. Like Georges Noverre, we have a passion and love for dance, and we want to help nurture the next generation to one day be the next Georges Noverre.

Happy International Dance Day and we wish everyone a day filled with dance.