June 2020 In-Studio/Zoom Schedule (to June 26)

Pro Arte is pleased to open up all of our Classes to students from other studios without any expectation that these dancers would continue after this pandemic is over. As a dance community, we need to come together to support each other so that dance and the important role that it plays in the life of our community can survive stronger than ever! Below is our current schedule for Virtual Classes.

Weekly Registration

We are aware that many dancers are making adjustments to online learning and the new schedules that are being developed by their academic institution. As a result, we will be making adjustments to our class schedule each week as we incorporate the needs of our dance community.

Please review the details below the schedule should you wish to participate in-studio classes. These guidelines are in place for the safety of our students, faculty and their families.

In-Studio Class Instructions

All classes remain available for Zoom instruction.  However, for those who would like to participate in-studio, here are the guidelines to keep you, your family and the faculty in compliance with social distancing requirements.

  • First — if you are not well — stay home!
  • If you live with a family member who is in quarantine, please wait to attend class in person until after the quarantine period has ended.
  • Arrive 5 minutes before class begins with your hair done and in dance wear.  Please bring a wrap that covers your arms so you can cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • With apologies to parents, there are no waiting rooms available and guests/visitors to the building are prohibited.  Please advise the office should this be problematic if there is a long commute to navigate.
  • Please wash your hands on entering and exiting the building.
  • Please do not touch any locker other than your own.
  • Enter and exit the studios singly allowing for social distancing room between yourself and others.
  • Sanitizing stations have been set up around the building for use.
  • Class length has been limited to one hour in each room after which point, students will be directed to a different studio to continue instruction.
  • 7 minutes after dancers have left a studio (for any water droplets to settle), studios are cleaned, barres sanitized and floors damp-mopped in preparation for the next class.
  • Classes for each level are linked back to back with staggered start and end times to reduce the number of individuals in the hallways. No breaks are planned however students will be allowed to stagger washroom breaks during classes and are encouraged to bring a water bottle (filled at home).  There is no kitchen access at this time.
  • Each dancer will have a 10’x10′ dancing space marked with an additional 2′ between boxes.  Barres will not be shared.  Faculty will have their own space and will not be moving around the studio but remain in their teaching space.

A complete copy of our Studio Re-Start Plan is available on request.

Tuition Fees